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Visit any of these sites for more information on money management, credit reports, and scams:

Financial Management

FTC on Credit, Loans, and Debt 

FTC on Managing Your Money

FTC on Money and Credit

Bank of America Creating a Budget

Ally Wallet Wise

Mint.com Personal Finance

Bankruptcy Counseling

Scams & Fraud

Business Opportunity Scams

FTC on Avoiding Scams Against Immigrants

FTC on Scam and Identity Theft

FTC on Scam Alerts

Identity Theft

North American Securities Administrators Association Fraud Center

OnGuard Online

Western Union Consumer Protection

Credit Reports & Credit Repair

Free Annual Credit Report 

FTC on Creating an Identity Theft Report

FTC on Disputing Errors on Credit Reports




Credit Cards

Master Your Card 

Federal Reserve Board's Consumer Guide to Credit Cards 



Jackson Hewitt Tax Services

Wire Transfer

Western Union

Other Helpful Links

Attorney General by State

Better Business Bureau

Federal Trade Commission

FTC on Homes and Mortgages 

FTC on Understanding Vehicle Financing

National Consumers League

Pyramid Scheme Alert

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

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